Thought of the Day – 9/12/13 – Swaddle Me, Part II

12 Sep

(Apparently, swaddling is on my mind today.  Here is Part I).

I really suck at swaddling our daughter.

Despite my best efforts, tips from my wife, and watching YouTube videos, my attempts are usually a train wreck.  I either cover her up like a mummy or make it so her arms break free in 12 seconds.  In general, my swaddles end up looking like I wadded up a blanket and threw it at my infant daughter.

This made me think:  certain businesses should offer swaddling assistance to new parents.

Think about it:  You and baby head down to the neighborhood burrito place (Chipotle, Qdoba, etc).

Baby gets wrapped up safe and tight by a professional with thousands of hours of experience.

Daddy gets a delicious carnitas burrito.

That, my friends, may be the ultimate definition of win/win.

Don’t call the authorities – this is not my kid (thanks Google!)



2 Responses to “Thought of the Day – 9/12/13 – Swaddle Me, Part II”

  1. Tracy September 12, 2013 at 11:42 am #

    Now this has made me giggle today!! Thank you for sharing. Making baby burritos was way outside of my skills set as well. No wonder both babies screamed for 6 months each. Geesh!

    • Feit Can Write September 12, 2013 at 2:21 pm #

      You’re welcome! Any time I can make you laugh, it has been a successful day.

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