Stuck Between a Crimson Tide Rock and an Irish Hard Place

7 Jan

Tonight is the BCS National Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  I plan to watch the game, but I have absolutely no idea who I’m going to root for.  For me, it is a no-win, find the lesser of two evils proposition.  Consider:

A win by Alabama would be their third championship in four years, matching the run of dominance set by the Nebraska Cornhuskers from 1994 – 1997.  As a Nebraska alum and fan, I take great pride in that accomplishment, and I don’t want to see any other team match or exceed that feat.  In addition, I think I speak for all college football fans north of the Mason-Dixon when I say that the constant fawning over the almighty greatness of the Southeastern Conference.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all to see the vaunted SEC knocked down a notch or two.

But on the other hand, there is Notre Dame.  To a lot of college football fans (myself included), Notre Dame is the team you love to hate; the team you always root against.  Think of the Duke Blue Devils in basketball, the New York Yankees in baseball, or the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.  This is probably where I should provide a rational reason for disliking the Fighting Irish so much.  Maybe it is because of Lispy Lou Holtz.  Or the national infatuation with a program that hasn’t done much since the Reagan administration.  Or it could be any number of other reasons.  That’s the thing about disliking sports teams – it is rarely based in rational thought, and I’m not going to apologize for it.

So I must choose a side – especially since my preferred outcome (a hole opens up in the middle of the field, swallowing both teams) is unlikely to happen.  Therefore, I will grudgingly back Notre Dame*.  Maybe if I focus really hard I can convince myself that the Notre Dame fight song is meant for my high school, but it won’t be easy.

*That sound you heard was me throwing up in my mouth for having to type that. 

Why ND?  Because my loyalties to Nebraska trump everything else.  I don’t want a slime bag like Nick Saban to have the same bragging rights as the legendary Tom Osborne.  Nor do I want the sports media hype machine (beginning with the “worldwide leader”) proclaiming Alabama’s run as the greatest in modern history.

Especially since they would likely forget that Nebraska was a missed field goal away from a fourth title, and a flu outbreak/lucky 4th down call from playing for a fifth title.  In five years.




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