Thought of the Day – 04/24/12

24 Apr

I am sometimes quite baffled by the way my brain works.

Take this morning for instance:  for some unknown reason, I have clear, vivid memories of a work trip I took to Bemidji, Minnesota back around 2003/2004.  Not just where I went and who I went with – I’m remembering minute details:  where we ate for lunch, what we watched on TV in the hotel room, really specific things.

Yet, while getting ready to send an email, I completely and utterly forgot the name of the person who sits in the cubicle next to me.  She’s been here since I started 6 months ago, and I’ve been sitting five feet away for the better part of three months, so we talk daily.  I sat at my laptop for a solid three minutes wracking my brain to think of her name (first or last) and came up with zip, nada, nothing.  I actually had to get up, walk over five steps, and look at the name plate on her cube.  When I saw her name, my initial thought was “Yeah, I could have been here all day before that would have come to me.”  Thankfully, she is out today, so my shame was somewhat hidden.

I find this memory pattern odd and quite frustrating.  Sure, memory of obscure data is pretty damn helpful playing Trivial Pursuit (if we play, you would be wise to get me on your team), but in day-to-day social settings, it can really make me look like an idiot.

And I don’t really need any help with that.


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