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26 Mar

A long overdue “hello” to my dozens of loyal readers and followers.  It has been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I wanted to let you know that I have good reason:

And that reason weighs 7 pounds and 4 ounces.

Ever since our previous adoption match fell apart in December, we have been patiently(?) waiting for placement of our second child.  Two weeks ago today (3/12) I received a phone call from my wife who told me that a little guy had been born the day before (3/11) in Orlando and his birth parents had chosen us to be his parents.  That night, we accepted the placement verbally and packed our bags.  The next day, we drove to Omaha, flew to Orlando, and late that night met our son for the first time.  We then spent a week in a hotel awaiting the necessary paperwork to leave Florida and return to Nebraska.  And obviously, since we got our son, sleep (and free time in general) has been at a premium.

That’s my excuse.  And I’m sticking to it.

So for the next few weeks/months, I might be a little erratic with the frequency* of posts.

*As some readers will attest, the quality of the posts will always be erratic.  To which I reply – paying customers get the quality goods.

But I do have a bunch of things that I’d like to write about, and I’ll try to crank them out as time permits.  Just bear with me for a while – I may be writing these posts at 4 am, holding my boy in one arm, and/or covered in regurgitated formula.

And it will be so worth it.


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