The Greatest Thing I Ever Wrote

18 Jan

A lot of my writing for this site occurs at night.  This is primarily due to the following reasons:

  1. I’d rather sleep than get up early.
  2. My employer prefers my writing be about things related to my job – most of which do not make for very interesting blog posts.
  3. I usually do not have a lot of free time in the evenings until my daughter goes to bed and my wife settles in on the couch with a cop show (Law & Order, CSI, etc.)

For the most part, this arrangement works pretty well.  I’m able to get my random collection of thoughts, ideas, and Husker opinions out of my head, and still get a decent night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that.

A week or so ago, I was working on a new post*.  I was getting sleepy, but I wanted to push on and get to a good stopping point, knowing that I could always revise it later on.

Two hours later, I woke up.  In the chair, laptop still on my lap.  Hands in the standard home row position.  I had dozed off.

*I’m not going to say which post was so dry it put the author to sleep, but there will definitely be some heavy revisions before it sees the light of day.

It turns out that while I was sleeping, my fingers had continued to type.  A lot.

So what did I write?  Well, I initially tried to copy that text and paste it into a new post to write this, but there was so much text (and so few spaces) that I was receiving all sorts of weird WordPress errors* when I tried to edit it.

*That’s right.  WordPress likes to brag about how many bloggers (431,761), posts (919,743), and words (199,186,566) are on the site each day.  But it was my writing that caused WordPress to crash.  Time to update the resume!

After a week of the site running very, very slowly for me, I was finally able to open the original post and cut out the offending stuff.  Out of curiosity, I pasted those into Word.  Here is a quick recap of what I sleep-typed:

s  (2,350 times)
v  (5,300 times)
v  (120 times)
k  (40 times)
b  (325 times)
g  (21,215 times)
f  (55,250 times)

Maybe it is time to start working on the writing over lunch…



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