Thought of the Day – 1/17/12

17 Jan

I like Kellogg’s Apple Jacks cereal.

In my 30 some years, I have consumed a fair amount of sugary cereal, with Apple Jacks probably being in my top 5 most consumed.  I think it is safe to say that I know a little bit about Apple Jacks.  For example, I know that:

  • “A” is for Apple
  • “J” is for Jacks
  • Apple Jacks cereal does contain apples (dried*, and juice concentrate), but does not contain jacks
  • Apple Jack is one of the few Kellogg-ian sugar-based cereals to not have an animal on the box (ala Tony the Tiger, the Sugar Smacks Frog, Toucan Sam, etc.)

No animal mascot, just two castoffs from the Peanuts gang

*Fun Fact:  You know Cookie Crisp cereal, the one with the pieces that look like chocolate chip cookies?  The chips on those little cookies are actually dried apples.  Who says cereal isn’t good for you?

But here is something I never realized until this weekend:

Apples (the fruit) come in a number of different hues, but most are in the red and green families.

Apple Jacks (the delicious breakfast cereal) comes in two colors:  green (which is new within the last decade or so) and orange.


What the heck is that?  Why have I never noticed that before?  Nothing about apples is orange.  Comparing the color of an apple to the color of an orange is like, well, comparing apples and oranges.

And yes, these are the things that keep me up at night.



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